Photographer / Art-Director.

Alexander Plotnikov (born March 1990) is a Saint- Petersburg-based photographer whose works are represented by the number of galleries across Russia and in some European countries.

Alexander’s professional journey has started more than 10 years ago. His artworks demonstrate strong commitment not only to natural light but also to various expressive studio light technics. But it is the noir photography that is considered his signature style, portraying life in sombrous and romantic fashion.

The artist’s fascination with silhouettes and deep shades artist’s fascination with silhouettes and deep shades in his personal project “Naked Shell” – an ongoing story about the shell we are born in and miraculous metamorphoses that happen to it.

Endless search for inspiration has led Alexander to close rapport and collaboration with the most well-known Russian theaters and their artists, such as the Mariinsky and the Mikhailovsky theatres, the Bolshoi and the Leningrad Centre. Contemporary style dancers, on the other hand, were portrayed for the project “The Beat of Time” as a part of the Origen Festival Cultural exhibition in Switzerland in 2018.

Alexander’s works can be currently found both in fashion magazines and on billboards across the country.His list of clients consists of Au Pont Rouge, BTK Development, Galeria, Melon Fashion Group, Novartis, Open Art Agency and many other business chains and local brands and designers.

Conducted exhibitions:

“Skin: Moon Landscape” – May 24 – June 7, 2019, Russia, Kazan

“Cazadores de imagenes” – December 12, 2019 Spain, Zaragoza

“Cazadores de imágenes” – “Woman in red” photography is displayed in the Contemporary Art Hall at the Bajo Martin Training Center. November 13 to December 12 2020 , Spain, Ihar.
“Cazadores de imágenes” – “Woman in red” photo presented at “The Old Water Tank” Showroom. December 16, 2020 to January 16, 2021 Spain, Alcaniz.

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